The Fairtex ‘Famous Five’ Champions
the decades Fairtex has produced some of the greatest Muaythai Champions. Today our Fairtex champions are
re-known as the greatest and most sought after fighters in Muaythai.

Live-in at Fairtex Pattaya and experience training alongside our resident champions.
Yodsanklai Fairtex – One of the greatest fighters
and amazing power. WBC World Champion,
Thailand Champion, Lumpinee Champion and
Contender Asia Champion.
Naruepol Fairtex – Regarded as a master technician of the ring with superb kicks and
knees. ThailandChampion and Lumpinee
Keaw Fairtex – A superb ring master, know for
his sensational elbows strikes and KO punches.
WMC World Champion, Thailand Champion and
Lumpinee Champion
Attachai Fairtex – Regarded as one of the most talented fighters in Thailand with amazing
technical skills. Holding titles at both
Rajadamnern and Lumpinee.
Kem Fairtex – A master of all weapons. A strong fighter whose arsenal of weapons are strong and
fast. Radjadamnern Champion.
Ganchai Fairtex – An exceptional fighter with amazing skill and speed. Lumpinee and
Radjadamnern champion.
Dekbungjong Fairtex – Fairtex’s rising star.
The youngest of our top fighters. Dekbungjong,
is technical and tricky with excellent kicks and
knees. Definitely one to watch out for…
Private training is available with any of our professional fighters!
Email us at muaythai.fairtex@gmail.com for further details.


Our elite team of trainers are all Muaythai professionals, each with a lengthy history in fighting and training Muaythai. Many are former champions
and all have enjoyed successful ring careers with years of fighting experience to pass on to our students.

During training sessions students receive personal instruction from our trainers on Traditional Muaythai training methods including Ring Tactics,
Techniques, Skill and conditioning.

Nickname: Yak

76 fights 59 wins
Pattaya’s Head Trainer and Yodsanklai’s trainer. A tough trainer with an eye for perfection.
Nickname: TeeleK

150 fights 130 wins
One of the original ‘Famous Five Fairtex Fighters’. Quick and energetic, excellent for sparring and clinchwork.
Nickname: Kom

167 fights 133 wins
A solid trainer, strong and precise.An easy workout is never an option.
Nickname: Ched

148 fights 108 wins
A veteran trainer with years of training experience with all levels of students.
Nickname: Ram

116 fights 83 wins
A master of quick kicks and tricky techniques, Ram keeps his students on their toes.
Nickname: Chao

180 fights 145 wins
An all round perfectionist with a focus on correcting technique and balance.
Nickname: Preecha

120 fights 80 wins
Preecha offers years of Muaythai experience, has many tips and tricks to share
Nickname: Narong

122 fights 102 wins
A master technician with many skills to share, excellent trainer for students at all levels.
Nickname: Dang

143 fights 118 win
Dang has an excellent range of skills, he will work you hard and teach you many tricks, both in counter and attack techniques.
Nickname: Jaroon

112 fights 97 wins
Busy and fast paced, Jaroon offers an intense workout and develops reactions and timing.
Nickname: Tank

302 fights 273 wins
Powerful and strong, Tank lives up to his name! Excellent for fight training and technique.
Nickname: Wang

109 fights 82 wins
A strong trainer, excellent for all levels of students from beginners to fighters.
Nickname: Aed

72 fights 57 wins
Strong and solid with years of Muaythai experience in and out of the ring.
Nickname: Jack

107 fights 89 wins
Offering years of Muaythai experience from fighting and from training many students and champion Thai fighters.
Nickname: Oi

57 fights 32 wins
A recently retired fighter, bags of energy, great for clinching and sparring as well as padwork.
Private training is available with any of our professional fighters!
Email us at muaythai.fairtex@gmail.com for further details.